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About ten meters from the Temple of St. Biagio and less than a kilometer from the historical centre of Montepulciano You can find the GARDEN CENTRE BIAGI.
This is the agricolture and floricolture business centre of the homonym tree nursery, leaded by the brothers Luciano and Luciana Biagi, heirs of a fifty years old activity.
The farm produces different kind of plants and flowers, both in greenhouses and in open fields: cut flowers, plants in bloom, flower bushes, annual plants for balconies and gardens, aromatic plants, fruits and vegetables of various type and dimension. The farm Garden Centre Biagi particularly cares on the selection of autochthonous plants.
The experts of GARDEN CENTRE are able to give technical suggestions, creative solutions and useful gardening suggestions both to the simple lover of the green and to the experienced gardener. Garden Centre Biagi offers in every moment of the year the widest choice of flowers and plants for all the situations (ceremonies, marriages etc...) and different type of garden and balcony plants for a sure success.
Garden Centre Biagiís specialities are: the continuous search of interesting variety of plants for environmental resistance and of old vegetable plants; the curiosity for new, particularly and exotic plants of rare beauty; and the collections (such as the aromatic Geraneis and the old Roses). The attention is turned to the taste of a more refined culture of "Green".

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